Crime scene

This spot was a center of attraction again. A woman’s body was found. Local policemen declared it as mugging attempt gone wrong but Michelle, a homicide detective knew something was fishy as history was being repeated.Her mother was shot dead here 12 years back.

Photo Credit : John Brand

After all these years, she still remembered her mother’s lifeless body on the steps. Her beautiful face frozen, eyes open and mouth slack. Submerged in grief,her dad found solace in alcohol and died soon after. This unsolved trauma made her join the police force for she knew her mother was murdered as she had her purse when she was found.

Her seniors dismissed her earlier plea to reopen the case even when she showed proof of previous murders at the same spot and all the victims lying in the same manner. But now, this murder gave her a chance to look into all previous murders and stop the serial killer.

Standing at the crime scene steps, teary eyed, Michelle vowed,”Justice will be done“.

Word count – 165

Sunday Photo fiction

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