Daughter’s surprise

It was a big day for Aditi. She had been waiting for this day since long.

On entering the flea market, she went straight to the shop full of women’s sandals. Different designs and colors made her confused. After much consideration, she settled for a soft, comfortable red colored sandals.


Happy with her purchase, she headed straight for home and hoped that the person for whom she brought the sandals would like her surprise.

She called out her mother on reaching home and said, “Maa, you have made so many sacrifices for me. I have always been your priority. You always made sure that I am properly fed. I know you have slept empty stomach so many times. You sacrificed your wishes so that you can fulfill mine. You are my superhero and best friend. It’s my turn, now. Here is my first salary gift for you. Hope you like it. Now you don’t need to wear your old torn sandals anymore. I will fulfill all your wishes.

Word count – 168

This is for 184th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and yarnspinnerr for providing the photo prompt!


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