Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Fort is one of the historical forts in the hills of Sahyadri mountains. It is a popular destination for nature lovers, trekkers and for outdoor campers. In the rainy season from mid-June to mid-October, this region is all the more beautiful with clouds, water falls, streams, lush green forests and meadows.The local families provide food and camping accommodation to the tourists.It is a very famous fort located near Pune and also one of the top heritage sites in Lonavala.

In rainy season, the mountains get covered in greenery which is a treat for the eyes for nature lovers.

Last month, some of our office colleagues decided a one day trek to Rajmachi fort. Rajmachi is around 85km from Pune via Lonavala. We were around 15 people in total and booked a 17 seater tempo traveller bus. We started from our starting point at 8am and stopped for breakfast for half an hour in between. We reached the destination at 11am.

The view from the bus parking spot

We stepped out of the bus to be greeted with this view. The greenery, fog and clouds making it a beautiful view to be captured.

There are two ways to reach the Rajmachi fort, one is from Lonavala, roughly 10 km flat walk and the other one is from Karjat, a gradual climb of around 5 km. For beginners, it would be better to trek from Lonavala as this is a much easier path. It will take about 5 hours of hiking to reach Udhewadi, the base of Rajmachi fort by this route. Only SUVs can reach Udhewadi village which is situated at the base of Rajmachi Fort to avoid 10 km long trek.

As we went there in rainy season, it was constantly raining at intervals. The way to foothill of the fort is of dirt and it becomes muddy in heavy rains.

Way to the fort

Enroute, there were some small waterfalls. The gushing water sound was a welcome change from the city’s noise.

On the way, there was a open spot which gave a clear view of the mountains and clouds. The clouds moving through the mountains was breathtaking. A perfect spot for clicking pictures. πŸ™‚

Picturesque Landscape

After walking for almost 1 hour we reached a Ganpati temple and the border of Rajmachi fort.

Rajmachi fort border

Finally, after 2hour hike, we reached the foothill of the fort. There were two – three small makeshift hotels providing hot Maggi, biscuits and tea. After walking in rain for long, hot maggi and tea was much needed.

And only one word for the view from that place – Amazing

Kataldhar Waterfall

One of the best natural scenes of the monsoon is the rivers that are in full swing and mountains that are awake after a long sleep.

From the same spot, on the other side, one can see the fort.

Well, the trek is not over yet.The climb to the top was all slippery due to rains. Another 3-4km and we finally reach the top of the fort. It was raining heavily and the fort was covered in fog and all that we could see from top was white surrounding.

Looking at the surrounding from the top, all I could think of is the miracles of the Mother Nature as it unfurls.

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