Tuesday Photo Challenge – Backyard

We don’t have a dedicated backyard, but there is a space adjacent to our building which is flanked by variety of trees on all sides. People from other buildings come here for their morning walks. Other than that, this space also serves as a playground and recreational venue.



This is my Uncle’s backyard. He has grown different types of trees,flowering plants and vegetables there. From banana trees to betel nut trees, from pepper plant to mango trees, all can be found here.

For Dutch goes the Photo – Backyard

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Backyard

  1. What a beautiful back yard your uncle has. When I visited near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra earlier this year I saw places like this and was completely amazed. What a wealth of food and spices there are just literally falling from the trees.

    Your picture takes me back to that trip and the peacefulness of relaxing beneath trees like this.

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    1. Thanks for those wonderful words!! My Uncle stays in coastal Karnataka. So coastal regions are somewhat similar to places like Ratnagiri. I agree that about the wealth of food. The food that is needed is growing in the yard.. fresh and all organic.

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      1. Wow – it really does look a lot like that. The same red soil, the same beautiful palm trees.

        How wonderful to be able to be fed such delicious food by your own back yard.

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      2. My grandparents passed away long back. Of four uncles and two aunts (and my mother), only my youngest uncle is alive. I went back for a visit six year back. Wish I would have hold on to my childhood memories.


    1. Thank you for stopping by 😀. Betel nut trees and coconut trees are common in everybody’s backyard there. And its green and quiet everywhere, apart from birds chirping of course ☺. Good change from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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