My Hangout place..

This week’s photography theme “Favorite Place“, seems pretty straightforward and easy. But going through my camera snaps, made me realize that it’s not that easy to chose from dozen of pictures.
I did chose two places which are my favorite.
First is the Mattu beach, Udupi, Karnataka, India. Udupi being my native place,I make a point to go to this beach atleast once whenever I visit Udupi. I did mention this beach few times in some of my previous posts.
This beach is not crowded like other beaches as it is not that popular.This makes a perfect spot to unwind yourself.I can stay there for hours just listening to the sound of winds and waves.A good change from the city sounds and crowds.
Closer home, I do like a place that is adjacent to our society building.It is a ground, flanked by trees on all sides.Several benches are made of cement for seating purpose.This ground also serves as a recreational venue.
What I actually like about this ground- the trees. There are various types of trees here- flowering and non flowering. At night when winds blow through these trees,the smell of the flowers fills up my room.Also these trees are home to many types of birds and birds chirping is music to my ears. Not a single day goes by for me without hearing to the sweet music of birds chirping.
I am really fortunate to have such a big green place near my neighborhood.The silence, greenery,fresh air,birds,shade altogether makes this a perfect spot for me!!


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