I’d Rather be Eating!!!!

Apart from reading,traveling and coding(I am a software engineer by profession),I’d Rather Be… Eating!!!
Yes, I am a foodie… I am a vegetarian south indian brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. So I like both Udupi – Mangalorean and Maharashtrian cuisine.

Here are some pictures of homemade south indian dishes.

Idiyappam: South Indian steamed rice noodles with pickle
Pathrode or Alu Vadi : Steamed colocasia leaves
Neer Dosa : a thin, soft and lacy crepe made from rice batter
Tangy Masala Dosa
Idli(savoury rice cake) with green chilli chutney


On my recent visit to Udupi,I got a chance to visit Mitra Samaj Cafe. It is vegetarian restaurant in Udupi, Karnataka, India. It is located on Car Street very close to the Krishna temple. The restaurant serves authentic Udupi cuisine.

The most famous dish of the restaurant is Goli Baje,a South Canara delicacy.Here is a picture of Goli Baje with chutney.I had an ice-cream called Gadbad Ice-cream.It is an ice-cream sundae that is served in a glass.It contains layers of dry fruits,different flavors of ice-cream,jelly and sweet wafers to decorate.

Goli Baje and Gadbad Ice-Cream

Now comes the turn of Maharashtrian delicacy. I mostly like Vada Pav,Chaats,Pav Bhaji,Misal Pav and the list goes on…

Here are the  pictures of Chaats and Misal Pav.

Bhel : Puffed rice is combined with spices,veggies and chutneys
Sev Potato Dahi Puri , a tantalising combo of crisp puris filled with boiled potato, beaten yogurt, sweet and sour tamarind chutney, hot chilly and mint sauce, finely chopped onions and tomatoes
Misal Pav : A spicy curry with Indian bread roll

Looking at these mouth watering dishes,you might want to try some of these.Do let me know your views on these.



12 thoughts on “I’d Rather be Eating!!!!

  1. They look so delicious! I spent one month in Pune some years ago, and I loved the food. Also vegetarian I had so much to choose from. I loved idli and sambar for breakfast and I still miss it. And of course, gulab jamum…
    I really liked Pune, and I think back with nostalgia of the wonderful time I had there, the warm hospitality I encountered and the friends I made, that I am still friends with today.

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  2. I love south Indian food and I haven’t had so many of these things yet! Is goli baje like aloo bonda or different? and what’s tangy dosa? I have so many questions and a craving for south Indian food around 4 am… 😦

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    1. I agree.. Looking at these dishes makes mouth water.. Goli Baje is different.It doesn’t have potato in it. It’s batter is mainly made up of maida, curd, rice flour,coconut,green chillis and coriander leaves. It is deep fried in coconut oil and served with coconut chutney.
      The batter of Tangy Dosa is mixture of 2-3 types of masala with tamarind juice. This gives a tangy flavor.Tangy dosa is something that my mother makes which is usually served with butter.


  3. A trip to any place on Earth is utterly incomplete without having the traditional, local food over there.
    I love the Misal Paw of Mumbai. This post of yours also highlights some delicacies belonging to Karnataka. Hope to try them as well.. 🙂
    Thank you once again Madam for sharing..!!

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