A teacher is a compass…

When I was a little girl,my first career choice was being a Teacher.Why teacher? Just because I liked the idea of using the red pen and obviously I thought that teachers know everything and anything.

Teachers play an important role in a person’s life.Probably the most important role after parents.Teachers are the one that help in shaping a child’s future. It is rightly said that a good teacher is a gift to children.

A ideal teacher acts a guide in a person’s life. A teacher not only imparts knowledge but also develops overall reasoning in a person. A teacher helps us to strive in right direction and see the best in ourselves.They help students to take on world of which they are part of. Teachers are the person who mould a student’s life for his betterment.They give shape and guidance to his dreams.

Teachers help in identifying student’s interest areas and guides towards pursuing it. This quote is a true definition of a teacher.

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”

– Ever Garrison

Being a Teacher is probably most selfless job in the world as teachers impart their knowledge and act as philosopher for their students without expecting anything much in return.And they are the happiest when they see their students successful.

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