View from Lighthouse

I got a chance to visit a Lighthouse during my recent visit to Udupi. Udupi is a city in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. It’s known for its Hindu temples and is famous for its temple festivals which attracts many pilgrims.

One of the places of interest in Udupi  is Kaup Lighthouse and Beach. Kaup Light House stands tall at a height of 100 ft and serves as a great lookout point from where one scores a generous view of the coast as well as the expansive Arabian Sea.

This is Kaup Lighthouse as seen from the Beach.IMG-20171214-WA0000

Lighthouse is open to public from 5pm to 6pm in the evenings.There is nominal entry fee.

My brother took this photo just before ascending the stairs.IMG_20171128_171729

Awesome view from the top of the lighthouse.Cool breeze adds to the beauty of the view.

Below are some of the photos that were clicked from the top of the lighthouse.


Top view of the spiral staircase.Took this photo while descending.



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