Inheritance of Memories

Looking at the word “Inheritance”, I remembered a short story/post that I had read on Instagram. It goes something like this –

“The old man died leaving his family a fortune.. his family silenty rejoiced.. only his dog cried…”

Sad. But this is somewhat true in real world. Instead of cherishing the family relations,we have succumbed to the greed of wealth. There are constant rifts in family and negativity in our life.Love is lost.

Inheritance can’t be only related to wealth. I think that every individual must nurture the inheritance of memories. Memories like stories,experiences, mistakes should get passed in a family, like father to child. This will not only help in nurturing family relationships but also will help the child to make his own identity. His ancestors experiences will help in his decisions and I think that is one of the finest inheritance one can provide to a child.

I am not opposed to idea of inheritance of wealth, but the way it is perceived these days.

So, to conclude, I would say that people should make loads of memories and share them to create an inheritance of memories.





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